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opticians & optometrists

Postby John Sanders on Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:27 am

Hi all,

Someone has asked me for advice on finding an optician (also known increasingly as optometrists) in London. She is concerned that not all opticians understand nystagmus that well and would like to find someone who does.

I've made a couple of suggestions, such as trying the Institute of Optometry and the Optometry Dept in City University. True, you will probably initially be seen by a student, but they will be supervised by an experienced practitioner. They won't be so pressed for time as High Street practices may be. And the more students who see patients with nystagmus, the more they will know about wobbly eyes when they qualify and go into practice -- and that benefits all of us.

Some University Optometry (or Vision Science) and ophthalmology departments are looking for volunteers to take part in nystagmus research too, such as Leicester, Cardiff, Belfast, Plymouth, Southampton and Imperial in London. See the research part of this website for details. We would like to see more nystagmus research in the UK and elsewhere. The other main university Vision Science departments in the UK are in Aston, Glasgow Caledonian, Manchester, Anglia Ruskin, Bradford, Nottingham and Bristol.

Finally, the College of Optometrists has just announced that it will be publishing an online directory of its members in July 2011 at http://www.college-optometrists.org/en/home.cfm. So this might help you find an optician too. If you know of an optician who you think is knowledgeable about nystagmus, then feel free to add to this topic.

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