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Research & Treatment

Image of a team of fundraisersEveryone wants to see better treatments developed for nystagmus. And eventually we'd like to find ways to cure or prevent the condition altogether.

So, one of NN's main goals is to support and encourage research into nystagmus - we wrote that into our constitution when we became a charity in 1989. We do this in different ways, for example by funding some research directly, by finding subjects to take part in research projects and by organising international research events.

You can read more about what we have already done and what we are doing now by following the links below. You can also Join NN and help us make a difference in the future.

  1. Can Nystagmus Be Cured? - A short summary of current thinking among researchers and medics with an interest in nystagmus.
  2. Complex Condition - A brief explanation of some of the challenges faced by scientists and doctors working on nystagmus.
  3. Research And Volunteers - It's not just about money. How the Nystagmus Network - and you - can make a difference.
  4. Image of researchers workingResearch Priorities - These priorities are based on a consultation exercise undertaken at NN’s 2011 Open Day and Annual General Meeting.
  5. Milestones - The links below detail some of the projects we've supported in recent years.
  6. Current UK projects: The links below give you a snapshot of nystagmus research in the UK. They include email addresses for some researchers. You're welcome to contact them if you want to take part in research.
  7. Published Research - Links to nystagmus research papers.
  8. Radio feature - Dr Jon Erichsen on nystagmus.