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Membership Benefits

Image of father and sonThe UK Nystagmus Network has over 500 members, making us the biggest support group in the world for people affected by this eye condition. We have a membership scheme because together we have a stronger voice when calling for better services for people with nystagmus.

Membership benefits include:

  • Access to experts on treatment, research, school, work, benefits and emotional support.
  • Advice on education, employment and benefits.
  • Answers to your questions - whether about treatment, research, driving, education or employment.
  • Being listened to.
  • Belonging to a community that understands nystagmus.
  • Discounts on our publications.
  • Emotional and practical support when you need it.
  • "Focus" -- our quarterly newsletter.
  • Hearing about the latest research - and taking part if you want.
  • Information about nystagmus from people who have the condition.
  • Meeting others and sharing experiences of nystagmus.
  • Priority invitations to our annual Open Day.

As a member you can also play an important role in improving our understanding of nystagmus and in the search for new and better treatments by:

  • Answering occasional surveys about nystagmus.
  • Funding research through your membership fee.
  • Volunteering to take part in research projects.