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“The Challenge of Nystagmus” book












“The Challenge of Nystagmus” Proceedings of the Nystagmus Network Research Workshop, Abingdon, UK, 2-5 September 2009” (ISBN#:978-0-9558940-2-2) was published in September 2012 by the UK charity the Nystagmus Network. 

This is first and foremost a scientific and medical book aimed at professionals. It is written by doctors and scientists for doctors and scientists.

The book consists of 25 chapters and over 400 pages divided into four sections: 1) causes, waveforms and mechanisms, 2) clinical and genetic issues, 3) visual consequences of nystagmus and 4) management treatment and trials.

More information about the book:

“The Challenge of Nystagmus” is available exclusively from the Nystagmus Network website.