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An unforgettable night out

NN is looking for 30 people to raise funds for a nystagmus research grant. All you have to do is a sponsored walk of 6 or 15 miles -- at night in either London or Cardiff on Friday/Saturday, September 20/21. You will be in the Nystagmus Team, so you won’t be walking alone. Here are some comments from last year’s walkers: 

Claire Moss: “it was an amazing and unforgettable experience.”

Stuart Cohen: “Completed the Night Walk yesterday and was good fun. At one stage we walked past a bar.....and Liam Gallagher was there! A Paparazzi was there so our team ran over and got pictures taken with him.”

Jake Morris: “The atmosphere was brilliant, the company more than friendly; all the people around me had a permanent smile, be that orange-tinted. Crossing Tower Bridge, at around 3am, we were isolated from other walkers but the end was within our reach. As the IMAX came into view, we had a sprint finish which was greeted by a wonderful cooked breakfast and a beautiful sense of achievement.”

In the 2012 Carrots NightWalk we helped create a £15,000 grant to fund nystagmus research in Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. NN is one of a number of charities joining in this Fight For Sight (FFS) initiative. FFS will match our £7,500 to create a £15,000 research grant for nystagmus. Click below to download a registration form.