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Footballer Steven Reid becomes NN patron

Premier League player Steven Reid has agreed to become a patron of the Nystagmus Network (NN). Steven, who plays for West Bromwich Albion, contacted NN after his son Harry was diagnosed with nystagmus. He has already been active publicising the work the charity does as well as raising around £7,500 by auctioning football memorabilia. Steven has also shown great generosity towards many other supporters of the charity.  

Steven said: “It’s an honour and privilege to become a Patron for Nystagmus Network who are doing a great job in raising awareness, funds and helping tackle the condition. With my own son Harry having the condition it’s a charity close to my heart and hopefully I can continue to help in any way possible to raise awareness of the great work that all at Nystagmus Network are doing.”

Richard Wilson, Nystagmus Network chair, said: “Steven has been a great supporter of the Nystagmus Network. We are delighted he has become our patron to help us raise awareness of this eye condition and really make a difference to people with nystagmus."

Full press release: Premier league footballer is new patron of sight charity